This Monday's Headship class will delve into the important role of a Father in Teaching His Children
Contact Adam at 414-241-6376 to RSVP or for more information.

Contact Adam at 414-241-6376 to RSVP or for more information. 

Gentlemen!  We continue our study on the calling of headship in the Garden and looked at insights St Paul had of the Garden, as he taught us to restore and uphold headship in the home. Further, we learned how to impart these lessons of Scripture into the lives of those under our authority so we may properly protect and guide them in their walk with Jesus Christ- and with us.

We'll study more deeply this week how to capture the hearts of your children, and the vital job you as husbands and fathers have in the rearing of your children. We don't start this slow and steady process when they are teens...but rather when young.  Learn to instill and motivate leadership qualities, vision, skill, courage and healthy risk into your kids!

 As we created this picture, it was sent to a fellow pastor, Richard Sempala, in Uganda.  His comment was "you sent this message when my son Robin is with me here. It seems God is telling me to teach him how to pray as am preparing to have prayer time." 

Carve out this time in your busy schedule to prepare  to serve your Lord in this monumental struggle for righteousness... the Righteousness of Jesus Christ, as He beckons men of stature TO BE just that, men of stature.

Contact Adam at 414-241-6376 to RSVP or for more information.  You may email him HERE

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