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Can you know Christ's Time of Birth?

History testifies to the belief of many nations concerning the birth of a Coming Messiah. All throughout the world, king after king, country after country, dynasty after dynasty, sought to be received by their people as the “Messiah”.

Country after country wrote of the coming Deliverer – King of the nations -  who would bring justice to mankind and defeat the Evil One. He would come to establish the growth of His Kingdom. Here are a few of those nations (they all distort the Truth and tried to control it for their own benefit)…

Great Rulers of the Ancient World Believed in the Coming of the “Messiah”… the Son of God …and that He Would Bring Truth and Justice to the World

Alexander the Great
Romulus, purported founder of Rome, was believed by the Romans, to be the Messiah, sent by the  gods (of a virgin birth?) to bring true civilization to the world. The Romans believed he performed miracles, gave Rome its “laws”, was both king and High priest (like Melchizedek!), announced prophetic utterances, and ascended into the clouds. The Romans believed  in his “Second Coming” and various individuals were believed to embody his Return:  Scipio Africanus, Marius, Julius Caesar, and finally Augustus Caesar.


Alexander the Great believed that he was chosen as the “son of the gods” and was chosen to  bring true civilization to the world. His “Gospel” was Hellenism, and he pursued that “calling” from the  gods with vigor and resolve.

Marduk of Babylonia was believed to be the son of the gods, dying to bring life to the world. He was responsible for destroying the great Evil, Tiamut the dragon. As the divine “son” he waged war, created the world, destroyed evil, died and rose again as the god of civilization.

The Pharaohs were believed to be Priest-kings who were “sons of god”.  Pharaoh was accepted as the chief priest of Egypt’s pantheon of gods and “deliverer” against all evil. Egypt was to bring true civilization to the world.

Revelation 12: The Star over Bethlehem

In the year 2 BC, Augustus Caesar celebrated his 25th Jubilee. This was commemorating his assumption of the title and prerogatives as the “Emperor of the Romans”.

In addition, this was the 750th year since the founding of Rome. He definitely positioned himself  as the “desire of  all nations”, the son of the gods, the second coming of Romulus (messiah),  founder of the “alleged” Roman millennium and “age of  peace”. He saw his Legions as the army of “true civilization”, bringing to mankind law and civilization .

Slaughter of the InnocentsAccording to the personal friend and confidante of Augustus, in the year 63 BC, the Senate ordered all  boy babies to be killed who were  born in that year. This was due to the signs in the heavens and portents of “official” Roman soothsayers, who prophesied of the coming of the “King of the Romans”, born in that year. Of  course, the Senate was the guardian of  the Republic and the idea of kingship was offensive. It is not surprising that it asserted that Augustus was born in that year (September 23, 63BC)?

Augustus wanted more. The Senate offered him the Title Pater Patriae, “Father of His Country” – a direct claim to being linked to Romulus, the alleged Father of the Romans. Augustus, the oh so humble one, of course, refused the honor (which he doubtless pressured the Senate to offer) the request unless the PEOPLE of the Empire “voted” approval of the title. After all, if you’re going to be “messiah”, you need more than the Senate to worship you.

So, a special decree went out from Augustus ordering everyone to attend their birthplace and resister for this special oath  – a  census not understood by historians until the late 20th century. Archaeologists found reference to an inscription from 3 BC which notes a recording of a special oath of obedience: “…taken by the inhabitants of Paphlagonia and the Roman businessmen dwelling among them. The same oath was sworn also by all the people at the altars of Augustus in the temples of Augustus in the various districts.”

Come and see the Presentation

“The Case for Christmas”

– a presentation used by Historian and Theologian Wayne C. Sedlak in many debates on the air and in print over the past 30 years!
7 PM December 10th
Olympic Resort and Conference Center


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So, everything was set for Augustus to have himself "exalted" by general acclamation of the Roman people. Significantly, the years 3 – 2 BC were full of astronomical events in the sky. These events seemed to “agree” that Rome was the approved kingdom-civilization of the gods and Augustus was the son of those gods.

Star over BethlehemBut… The Great Star over Bethlehem seemed to challenge the Roman view of themselves as chosen by the gods to bring true “civilization” and Truth to the world. Christ’s Birth, announced by the Star, challenged the Romans… and Herod knew it!

Come and learn about the astronomical events that challenged the world to CHOOSE between Rome and the Bible… between the grand claims of Augustus Caesar, Emperor of the Romans and Jesus Christ, King of the Jews!

Come and learn about the catalog of astronomical events, noted by the ancients and verified by science! Interestingly, while everyone saw these as pointing to Augustus, the “wise men” ignored the Romans entirely and spent many months traveling to find the Real Messiah, declared by God’s Word.

1. On May  19, 3 BC, a new Golden Age appeared to be dawning upon the world. Can you name the astronomical event and how it related to Augustus AND Christ?

2. There was the conjunction of two planets in June 12, 3 BC. What did that mean to the ancients and did it attract the “wise men”?

3. On August 12, 3BC, the “King planet” appeared together with Venus in a pre-dawn “morning star” conjunction… and this same conjunction occurred almost a year later. To the wise men of the era (such as the Magi) this meant they were witnessing the end of an era and the beginning of a new era for mankind. But, that ALSO “fit” the timetable and desire of Augustus. How did this affect the wise men and THEIR ANNOUNCEMENT that startled Herod and all Jerusalem?
Herod's Tomb
4. On August 12, Jupiter would also have been in union with Regulus (the Royal Star to the ancients). Why did this “drive” the magi to find “He who is born King of the Jews”?

5. Finally the description of Revelation 12, in retrospect showing us the timing of the Birth of the Messiah!

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard. Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun…
- Psalm  19:1- 4

The Romans, the Devil, and the War of Varus
The Devil (Dragon) figures prominently in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 12 as he attempts to destroy Christ and the Woman (the Church), to prevent His coming into the world. Satan attempted to destroy Christ when the wise men came to Bethlehem.

But, that was NOT the end of the matter. In the following January, 1 BC., Herod put to death two popular rabbis who had encouraged about 40 young men to pull down the Roman Eagle insignia placed by Herod over the Eastern gate of the Temple. These rabbis were burnt alive by Herod’s order, though  the youths got off with milder punishments.

Why did Herod put the Rabbis to Death? Did this have something to do with the Birth of Christ?
The answer to these two questions is really given in ONE answer: The Rabbis KNEW

This occurred in the year 1 BC., (not 4 BC as many theologians and historians incorrectly assert). Herod’s order to put the two popular  rabbis to death for instigating the youths has a Messianic side to it.

It appears these two rabbis – and many in Judaism – believed the time of Herod’s death had arrived and the commencement of a special era in which the Jews would be exalted over their enemies.

There are several interesting facts which demonstrate that the events surrounding this issue was indeed due to Jewish “Messianic expectation”.

It makes sense that it would be. “All of Jerusalem” had been troubled at the Magi’s visit. These men were counselors of state to kings. Their arrival and testimony, and their interest in the Star aroused all of Jerusalem. The slaughter of the Innocents of Bethlehem was also known, as Matthew records (Matthew 2: 16 – 18)

The Rabbis KNEW of the Magi visit… and word spread throughout the Judean countryside about the death of the infants and the reason for Herod’s murderous assault upon the children of Bethlehem.

They knew it… The Romans knew it. Herod knew it. And word spread throughout the whole of Judea.

What happened next… Come and see:

Come and see the Presentation

“The Case for Christmas”

– a presentation by Historian and Theologian Wayne C. Sedlak that explains how the events surrounding Herod, the Romans, and the phenomenal display of stars, planets and constellations of the starry nights that for two years… all pointed to Jesus Christ.

You will be amazed!